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Learn X in Y minutes

Where X=HQ9+

HQ9+ is a joke programming language created by Cliff Biffle. It has only four commands and it isn’t Turing-complete.

There is only 4 commands, represented by next characters
H: print "Hello, world!"
Q: print the program's source code (a Quine)
9: print the lyrics to "99 Bottles of Beer"
+: add one to the accumulator (the value of the accumulator cannot be accessed)
Any other character is ignored.

Ok. Let's write some program:

  Hello world!

HQ9+ is very simple, but allows you to do some things that are very difficult
in other languages. For example, here is a program that creates three copies of
itself on the screen:

This produces:

And that’s all. There are a lot of interpreters for HQ9+. Below you can find one of them

Got a suggestion? A correction, perhaps? Open an Issue on the GitHub Repo, or make a pull request yourself!

Originally contributed by Alexey Nazaroff, and updated by 1 contributor.